Are you making marketing harder than it should be?

If you're overwhelmed with marketing your business and wish you had someone to guide you through everything that needs to get done, Tactic Taco can help. We'll tell you what you should be doing and how to go about doing it – so you can get your business the traction it needs to survive and thrive.

As a small business owner, the amount of things you have to think about can become overwhelming. From content development and managing projects to bookkeeping and customer service, there's a lot to do. Oftentimes, marketing to-dos get swept under the rug and put in a notebook somehwere to be forgotten about.

Even though you know you should do more marketing, it's a tough that requires putting yourself out there and getting out from behind the anonymous curtain of the internet.

It's overwhelming and a little scary, but with a push in the right direction from TacticTaco, you'll have a guide through all the tough parts and your business will grow so much more than it did from when you hoped working in your business was all you needed to do to grow.

From the founder

Hey there. My name is Alexa (FYI, I totally got it before Amazon did, so I'm way more hipster than them). I started this project because I needed a swift kick in the pants running my first online business to get out of my comfort zone. My goal for this project is threefold:

  1. to help you succeed in new ways in your business and explore the outer edges of what you think you are capable of
  2. to stop you from feeling the overwhelm commonly experienced with starting and growing an online business
  3. To take some of the decision fatigue away from deciding which of the hundreds of tactics out there are best for your business

I hope you like it and would love to hear any feedback or questions you may have.
Happy Marketing!